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Hello there FIRE enthusiast!

Your FIRE journey starts here.

This is the page for somebody who is brand new to my blog and the concept of FIRE! Since this site is growing constantly, the content on the site may be hard to digest if you’re diving in fresh. This is why I’ve created this page to compile a list of content that’s organised in a way that is easier to read in order!

So if you’re new to FIRE but the concept of Financial Independence intrigues you, but don’t know where to start – don’t fret! Start with the posts below to familiarise yourself with all the concepts to help you begin your very own journey towards Financial Independence.

Feel free to jump to the posts that interest you most!

  1. What is FIRE and why should I care about Financial Independence?
  2. How much will I need to become financially independent?
  3. The number seems so high, will I ever get there? Let’s take a look at the bare minimum number and how long that would take.
  4. How should I invest?
  5. Hmm passive investing huh… why is this the better option? How does it work?

That’s all you’ll need to get started! There are more specific posts on different topics below if you’re looking at deep dives or just go back to the home page to browse the other posts!

More and more content should be added here as I continue to post more articles so stay tuned! 😁

Additional Topics

My Journey

So looking through all of the above topics, you may be wondering:

“So FIRE-Path Lion, all this is nice and all, but I’m interested in knowing how your advice is working out for you. Does all of this stuff actually work?”

Glad you ask, if you’re curious about how my personal investments are doing, here are some posts you can check out:

  1. 2018 Year in Review
  2. 2019 Year in Review
  3. Investing during COVID-19
  4. Investing during a Crash (COVID-19 Update)
  5. Mid 2020 Review
  6. 2020 Year in Review
  7. Mid 2021 Review
  8. 2021 Year in Review
  9. Mid 2022 Review
  10. 2022 Year in Review
  11. Mid 2023 Review
  12. 2023 Year in Review

I try to be as transparent as possible about how I’m investing and how well it’s doing. I hope that gives you a good look into how a person could execute the concepts covered here in real life and how it’s been doing so far.

Recommended Reading

During my time of being on this FIRE journey I’ve also come across a lot of blogs and content that shaped my thought process. Here are some highly recommended blogs and content that you should check out:

I hope that all of this content gets you FIRE’d up and inspired to start and continue on your very own journey!

Let’s go get this thing together!