Recommended Resources

Since I started researching about investing in 2016, I’ve found a lot of great resources that helps shape my beliefs, philosophy and knowledge about investing and building my wealth towards financial independence.

Below are some of the best resources that I came across and believe that you should get your hands on to help you on your FIRE journey.

Here are the main categories:

Recommended Blogs

  • JL Collins NH’s Stock Series : Great resource for understanding passive index investing so that you don’t feel scared or overwhelmed. Really helped me get started and convinced me to really dive in and start investing.
  • Mr. Money Mustache : The grandfather of the FIRE movement, his posts are more about mindset and FIRE philosophy – how to think about money and our relationship to it. Read his blog if you’d like to reframe your mindset to be happy with less and work towards “freedom” and not the money.
  • Early Retirement Now : Famous for his Safe Withdrawal Rate series, where he goes into extreme analytical details around the optimal safe withdrawal rate as well as the risks to watch out for. Highly recommended reading for anybody looking to FIRE and refining your Safe Withdrawal Rate.

Singapore-Focused Blogs:

Recommended Books

  • The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins NH : A more organised and packaged version of JL Collins’ Stock Series, highly recommended if you’d rather read a book than a blog.
  • The Elements of Investing : This book put the journey towards building wealth and investing in a really concise package. The authors wrote “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” and “Winning the Loser’s Game” which are extremely well-respected investment books and they’ve distilled their decades of knowledge into this one simple and easy to read book. Must read.
  • Bogleheads Guide to Investing : Slightly more dry than the 2 above, but this book is also great at hammering home the approaches touted by all of the recommended materials here. The fact that passive, low-cost index funds investing is the way to go if you still have doubts.
  • Retire Like a Millionaire
  • Millionaire Teacher
  • Rich by Retirement

Recommended Podcasts