There are plenty of blogs around the web that talks about the topic of personal finance, but for those of us who needs content more specifically tailored for financial independence, not all blogs are created equal! Here are the blogs that I’ve found during my journey that has given me a lot of insights and are great resources for people pursuing FIRE:

Mr. Money Mustache

The grandfather of all financial independence blogs, Mr. Money Mustache saved and invested in his 20s and was able to retire at the ripe old age of 30. Famous for his no-nonsense and fun writing style, his blog focuses on the mindset and lifestyle choices that will accelerate you on the path to FIRE.

JL Collins NH

Well-known for his Stock Series, his book “The Simple Path to Wealth” is one of the cornerstones of the FIRE movement. I’ve read both his Stock Series and the book and I must say that it has made investing simple for me to understand and removed any fear I have of putting my money into the market to grow. Best of all, the contents of his book is free within the Stock Series on his site, so you can read it without paying a dime.