CPF on FIRE: Top up CPF LIFE to Enhanced Retirement Sum (ERS) or invest instead?

Reading Time: 14 minutes What’s the best way to optimise our retirement income using CPF LIFE? Should we top up our CPF RA to the Enhanced Retirement Sum or keep it at only the Full Retirement Sum and invest the difference? Let’s find out!

My FIRE Path : Looking back at 2019 progress, lessons learned and my goals for 2020

Reading Time: 14 minutes Photo by Swapnil Bapat on Unsplash What a year! What a year. Even though 2018 ended disastrously, the performance of 2019 completely made up for it. Since the major drop in at the end of last year, the market in 2019 went on to grow over 28%. Anybody who was buying into the market during … Read more